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Samenspraak Advies

Samenspraak: talking together, conversation, dialogue, multilogue
Advies: advice

What we do

Each organisation has an enormous amount of knowledge and experience at it's disposal, that could be used when the organisation in a state of transition. A large part of this knowledge and experience is owned by the members of the organisation. In order to use this knowledge and experience, it should be mobilized in one way or the other. Samenspraak Advies initiates and facilitates the process in which organisation members make their knowledge and experience explicit and share it to gain insight into a problem and to tackle it. By doing so, they become more aware of necessary changes and there will be more commitment for these changes and their consequences.

We use innovative, interactive methods like gaming simulations and workshops to establish 'samenspraak'. We combine our academic knowledge with our many years' experience to design, apply, and facilitate a tailor-made interactive meetings, that serious, but engaging learning experiences for all participants.

'Samenspraak' also implies that we actively involve our clients in the process from start to finish. By listening carefully and by asking the right questions we realize - in dialogue with our client - a high-quality custom-made product that is a solution to the essence of the problem. If a project requires also other expertise, we involve these experts in our team. We cooperate in various networks with experts in a broad range of disciplines and expertises from consultancies and universities. This results in a process and a product which fits in with the needs and the people involved.

Who we are

Samenspraak Advies consists of two enthusiastic and involved people, who see a challenge in developing a valuable experience in which problems are made clear and more easy to handle, in a fun but useful way.
We are dr. Vincent Peters and drs. Marleen van de Westelaken, together worth more than 25 years of experience in gaming simulation and more than 30 in interactive meetings. We are actively involved in various networks and associations in the field of gaming simulation and interactive meetings.

Vincent Peters Marleen van de Westelaken
Tel: +31 6 440 84 477

  • Member Advisory Board Isaga, the International Simulation And Gaming Association.
  • Former President of Saganet, the Simulation And Gaming Association The Netherlands.
  • Former Secretary General, President and member Steering Committee Isaga.
  • President organisation committee Isaga 2007 conference.
  • Member Par-Groep
Tel: +31 6 232 20 606

  • Board Member Saganet, the Simulation And Gaming Association The Netherlands.
  • Chair Advisory Board Isaga.
  • Treasurer Foundation Isaga 2007 conference.
  • Member organisation committee Isaga 2007
  • Former President and member Steering Committee Isaga, the International Simulation And Gaming Association.
  • Member Par-Groep


For more information on Samenspraak Advies or our activities, please contact us:

Office: Groenestraat 294 D.1.12
  6531 JC Nijmegen
  The Netherlands
P.O. Box: P.O. Box 31006
  6503 CA Nijmegen
  The Netherlands
Tel: +31 24 3555662
Fax: +31 84 7212784
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